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Above you can see the major categories for the posts I would be posting. You can click on them to get the latest post in that particular category. On the right side you can find my recent posts, below it you can read the latest comments. Below it are my most popular posts that people have liked. I would love to read your insights on my posts. Below the posts, there is written a brief introduction to me. Below it are the number of page views. The categories I write in contain the following information:

I didn’t know Iqbal very well. I don’t understand him completely now. But his works introduce me to a new world; a world that is filled with energy, compassion, and passion. I want to introduce you to his world. A world I believe everyone desires.

Purest wisdom can derive itself from none other than the divine; the source of all creation and Sustain-er of this world and any worlds unseen. There is unseen right? I hope you believe it because life without unseen is not seen from the sight of the seer.

Here you would find excerpts from books that I loved reading. Did you find something you have been meaning to say for a long time? If yes, then do share.

Everybody needs inspiration to work, to inspire, and to lead their life. Here are the most important things that have inspired me in my life. I am sure it would inspire you as well.

Here I would be posting all the new stuff that interests, intrigues and compels me to learn more about it. I hope you learn from it too.

3 thoughts on “Navigating around

  1. Could you think about organizing your blogs by year and month- perhaps as a side-bar? It would make it slightly easier to navigate i.e. see all blogs for Feburary 2014. Or is there an easy way to do just that but I am overlooking it?

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