Hello Everyone! If you are among those who dare to think and continuously look for new thoughts to give yourself a fresh take on life, this is the place of discovering yourself with me. This blog is an inspiration to unlearn and relearn the reality of life. It is a journey of finding the truth and holding on to it.

The meaning of Khud Guzini is to dive into one’s own self and discover life. It is the aura of humanity alone. It inspires purity, love unity and goodness. Here you will only find a self’s khud guzini and nothing more. It is a journey into the unknown. This journey, I believe, everybody wants to embark on to live and to be vital.

I am looking to inspire and be inspired. I hope that you too are looking for inspiration. I would love to know you, learn from you and discover somewhere in you, me.

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Your mountain photo is beautiful.

    Diving into the self is all well and good, but there are quite a few crevasses and deep, dark caves (filled with baser qualities) along this mountain journey.

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