Strand that binds us together

Compassion is just flying without wings. It builds our inner world and the visible world. It is what it takes to accomplish something. It isn’t rage or war or cowardice that drove us, it has always been the derivatives of compassion that accomplished something. Compassion is a living force, when it takes hold of us it runs in our veins and sparks in our neurons, firing up our reservoir of infinite energy, taking us to the valleys of love, conquering our fears and opening up ways that we never could have imagined. We see world as a broken place and humans as tragic beings who are at once in the middle of rights and wrongs, who are cornered by the very ideal of duality within themselves. Rage might bring somebody to task, it might inspire somebody to greatness, but rage is not the conclusion of this conflict. We don’t see villains as heroes, it is always the ideals of compassion that inspire somebody above all else. The synthesis of duality must be the conclusion of this conflict which is abound in the depths of compassion.

Life is a choice we make and the foundations of those choices must be set on what the grandeur of compassion teaches us. We must love ourselves and love those around us no matter what.  They are the travelers of the same journey as we are, they have been or they will be across the same paths we treaded.  Be gentle and kind to everybody. Life can be a bed of roses if we choose to provide one in our grasp. Let us make use of what we have and don’t bother about what we don’t. Live in the moment and deliver what we have been here for. Search within ourselves and believe that we are not alone, we are here and we have a purpose, might it be grand or small it is something we were created for. Practice sentience, practice compassion.

We wouldn’t have to survive, if we make others fit. We are knitted together with a strand of humanity. If a single strand fails, nobody survives. This is the idea of all-encompassing compassion that we need to live our lives by.  We have to give not take, we have to be courageous enough to let go and not hold on to our grudges, we have to promote love and not rage. The doctrine of compassion does not differentiate between high and  low,  rich and poor,  white and black,  man and woman, elder and younger, it is not something geographical or something otherworldly, it is now and  here in all of our hearts.  Brains think but it is the hearts that see and hear. When love engulfs our being and we experience fearlessness, that is when we are truly free, the most pure form of bliss, we can ever imagine. These words might sound theoretical or utopian, but it is my faith that these are true and what else have we got besides faith to believe in. I don’t believe that one divided by zero is equal to infinity. 🙂

Discovering yourself by getting lost in Nature

Getting lost to discover some of our selves is an adventure most of us want to partake. It takes money, time, and people to invest in such an endeavor but once we have taken the leap of faith we never rue our decision. World needs exploring and we are but explorers. So, we need to get in touch with the explorer within ourselves often. “I couldn’t have found God in the seminary” thought Paulo Coelho’s Santiago in The Alchemist.

The common denominator between destinies and adventure is the spirit required to embark upon both. Adventure is closely knitted with our destinies. Reconnecting with nature rewires our brain grounding all the negatives. It connects ourselves to our self. Persistence is required for happiness and it is the very thing we practice in all our adventures. Life is nothing but an adventure.

Adventures remind us of our strength and courage, lost in the chimes of daily life, invigorating our soul from within to accept the challenges of life. If we have what it takes to be at strange places among strange people facing situations unknown to us, we are likely to be more persuasive in achieving our dreams. Dreams are nothing but our resolve to see our future selves.

Adventures also reconnect us with the world around. We live lives far from nature, severing our ties with nature that is an indispensable need for our souls. Getting out from the manmade world helps us discover what we often ignore in our daily lives. In this connection we can find that lost happiness within ourselves. In our habitual automatic lives we become ignorant of the beauty, and of the wonders we have in our daily lives, unable to imagine life without amenities that we so casually enjoy. Nature can teach us our history; how did we came to live such lives?

It is difficult for us to trust people in our daily lives. We fail to see the beauty within. In journeys of self-discovery, we meet strange people and we need to trust them. This enables us to feel that rejuvenation of trusting others. Relationships are unsaid emotions kindling between two beings connecting their thoughts and minds reminding each other that they belong to each other. Adventures can teach us that. Adventures can really help us do what Alan Watts said:

“When you’re in the way of waking up, and finding out who you really are, what you do is what the whole universe is doing at the place you call here and now. You are something that the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is something that the whole ocean is doing… The real you is not a puppet which life pushes around; the real, deep down you is the whole universe.” Alan Watts

Wean Yourself

Little by little, wean yourself.
This is the gist of what I have to say.
From an embryo, whose nourishment comes in the blood,
move to an infant drinking milk,
to a child on solid food,
to a searcher after wisdom,
to a hunter of more invisible game.

Think how it is to have a conversation with an embryo.
You might say ‘The world outside is vast and intricate.
There are wheatfields and mountain passes,
and orchards in bloom.

At night there are millions of galaxies, and in sunlight
the beauty of friends dancing at a wedding.’

You ask the embryo why he, or she, stays cooped up
in the dark with eyes closed.

Listen to the answer.

There is no ‘other world’
I only know what I have experienced.
You must be hallucinating.

Beauty of love is in freedom


Love cannot be a duty, because it is not subject to will. It is a gift from heaven, the best that heaven has to bestow. Those who shut it up in a cage destroy the beauty and joy which it can only display while it free and spontaneous. Here, again, fear is the enemy. He who fears to lose what makes the happiness of his life has already lost it. In this, as in other things, fearlessness is the essence of wisdom.

~ Bertrand Russell, On Education

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