Towards Greater Unity!



The world is as bitter as we perceive it to be and it can be as sweet as we dream it to be. It is just a matter of perception. The latter however, inspires goodness, action and faith.

Facebook, Blogoshpere, Twitter and all these social media has brought humanity together. Now we are more able to understand the feeling, emotions and thoughts about each other. And I am very happy to know that mostly we are together. The morals we share, the boundaries we have for each other, the love that resides within; all points towards a Greater Unity (GU). This GU is something integrating all our suffering, all our pleasures, all our sorrowness, all our merriment and all our knowledge. There is no third world, or first world; developed or under developed; democratic or socialist; these are just emotions that reside in everybody. There are some who hold on dear to something that the other thinks is not that important. But all these concepts and -isms just tends to make us divided but with ease in global consciousness and global communication, these things are fading away. I hope that we move on towards this GU and make this world a better place to spent in the so little time we have.

The reason for this GU are found in our own self. Iqbal said:

The world-life intuitively sees its own needs, and at critical moments defines its own direction. This is what, in the language of religion, we call prophetic revelation. It is only natural that Islam should have flashed across the consciousness of a simple people untouched by any of the ancient cultures, and occupying a geographical position where three continents meet together. The new culture finds the foundation of world-unity in the principle of Tawhid (Oneness of God). 5 The word literally means to exert. In the terminology of Islamic law it means to exert with a view to form an independent judgement on a legal question. The idea, I believe, has its origin in a well-known verse of the Qur’an– “And to those who exert Islam, as a polity, is only a practical means of making this principle a living factor in the intellectual and emotional life of mankind. It demands loyalty to God, not to thrones. And since God is the ultimate spiritual basis of all life, loyalty to God virtually amounts to man’s loyalty to his own ideal nature. The ultimate spiritual basis of all life, as conceived by Islam, is eternal and reveals itself in variety and change. A society based on such a conception of Reality must reconcile, in its life, the categories of permanence and change.

– Iqbal in Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam

I face many criticisms on these ideas. Most popular are the ideas of End of the world. That all things are bound to go wrong because the end is near. The other is of conspiracy theorists who claim that there are few secret societies who are actually controlling the minds of the people. These theories are all full of pessimistic attitudes and inspire me to do nothing. This is the biggest flaw I find in them.


5 thoughts on “Towards Greater Unity!

  1. I recently read a very well known American intellectual who posited that “Students stew in philosophies of radical social change on one side, and observations of the corruption in the present order on the other.” Political parties don’t function, instead the youth are united by music.
    Music, or actually songs = poetry sung emotionally.
    Reminded me of the demonstrations in Islamabad where a DJ was always present.

    I am skeptical about our strategy for pursuing unity. The more we holler for it, the further away it seems to get. I’m probably being too much influenced by my current book “The Antidote:happiness for people who can’t stand positive thinking” by Oliver Burkeman. My current goal, to become a Muslim Stoic.


  2. Thanks nmr for your response.

    I think that there are the two extremes; people who want sudden change without going into the nitty-gritty of the whole system, they just want quick win, other side is too much passive to bring about any positive change in their life times. In this muddle the truth is somewhere in grey areas. Just like the open model of the universe, in which you just put enough energy to change that you avoid falling back into a big crunch.

    Your goal is admirable. What qualities do you think there are in a Muslim Stoic? How are you trying to develop them?


    • This is my plan:
      Premise: The only thing I can control are my judgments, the rest is up to God.
      1. Keep things in perspective. As per Shakespeare, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” My judgment is in my power .My emotions are determined by my judgments. Step back and ask myself “Is this a terrible outcome or merely undesirable?” or “Is he irritating or is it my judgment about him that causes the irritation?”

      2.Don’t avoid worst case scenarios, don’t avoid bad feelings. Face your fears. Think about the worst thing that can happen and visualize it. Think about death of my loved ones to appreciate them more while they are living.

      3. Things usually do not turn out for the best but they don’t turn out as bad as I expect them to. Try to imagine how wrong things could go in reality- not in my hyper imagination. If I fear losing something, try imagining what life would be without it. Distinguish between what I need and what I want. Face anxieties.

      4. Everything happens for a reason and God has it under control. Confront the reality of my limited control.

      5. Accept bad situations but do not be resigned to them. Use powers of reason and introspection to reduce being disturbed by a situation. Work within that situation to initiate change. Do not stay in abusive relationships- leave it or change it. Confront the reality of a situation but do not blame the circumstances as if they do not or ought not to exist. Marcus Aurelius,”There are brambles in the path? Step to one side. That is enough, without asking ‘How did these things come into the world at all?’”

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