Life is a bed of roses!

I just googled it right now. The first result was of a wikipedia article for the french movie “Life is a bed of roses”. Three intertwined stories that take place at the same forest of Ardennes. The subsequent results were of the dictionary meanings of the idiom. I googled it because I just had a thought about what I have heard many times from people saying that ‘life is not a bed roses’. When I say to them that it is neither a bed of thorns they say no it is a bed of thorns and that you are too optimistic. Well! it is good to be full of optimism then to regard life as counting of days till your last breath. The rhetoric goes on.

People say hope is a privilege for those who have been given all the necessities. In my opinion their are no limits of what people can achieve in their limited life span. This has nothing to do with what you have and what you don’t, it is about learning to weave your dreams into reality bit by bit, thread by thread. The motivations we have in our lives are just the products of this very way but we fail to appreciate the hard work put in by the muses we seek. I know it is very hard to be optimistic in a world where there is hunger, despair, oppression, and what not. It is difficult to gather yourself up and do all the knitting of dreams but it is the gist of the purpose we are being sent here.


4 thoughts on “Life is a bed of roses!

  1. I totally agree with you… happiness is our choice, optimism is our choice… and, while sometimes even I feel that I have the luxury of saying this because I have the basic necessities of life, I do believe that it is possible to make the choice to focus on the roses no matter how much the thorns hurt 🙂


  2. What do they mean by “life is not a bed of roses”? That it is a “bed of tulips” (no thorns) or “bed of thorn bushes”? To me, the expression is another way of saying “glass half empty, glass half full”. Given the fragrance & color and the spikey thorns, decide what you want to focus on. That is the beauty of choice!

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